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old about me

Paper hoarder, ink mixologist, thesaurus fiend, clutter shredder, work in progress.

ink mixologist, paper hoarder, thesaurus fiend, clutter shredder, work in progress.

I am a calligrapher and graphic designer, working with wonderful people all over the world. I'm based out of Portland, Oregon so if you're around drop me a line and we'll grab some SCONES. My favorite things include but are not limited to: crossword puzzles, carbs, New Orleans, linen, Anne Lamott, high waisted jeans, sunroofs, God, etc. Mochas are my lifeblood, and I'll never stop making lists. I'm an imperfect perfectionist and aspiring minimalist.

I'd love to hear from you, tell you more of my story, and maybe play a role in the making of yours. 


Graphic design feels like home to me. I delight in working with people to develop their visual voice. I believe a brand should be completely unique and evocative, and I am emphatic that my artwork always reflects careful attention to detail. My experience as a designer has been wildly influential in my calligraphy, and for me the two worlds almost always go hand in hand. While slick penmanship came pretty naturally to me (thanks for the genes mom and dad), it's no coincidence that calligraphy is my speciality. This fine art form is a culmination of the most significant things – grace, intentionality, motion, originality and simplicity.