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Custom Wedding


This is your love story in real time. The arrival of romance, the honoring of commitment, the constance of love. Your narrative is no longer a monologue but a dialogue.


The tone of your wedding is set the moment your guest opens up their mailbox to find something different. Something special. The letters dance across the envelope, foreshadowing a first dance. The fringed paper alludes to the lacy hem of a white dress walking down the aisle. It's an invitation—to toast, to dance, to eat expensive cake, to send you and your honey off in a fancy ride at the end of the night. Your wedding is a brand in itself, wether that's minimal and modern, sweet and simple, or wild and whimsical. 

With 5 years of calligraphy and wedding stationery under my belt, I've curated a process that provides you with an effortless experience and a one-of-a-kind outcome. I can't believe I get to tell love stories for a living, and I would love to help you tell yours.