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Custom Wedding


The tone of your wedding is set the moment your guest opens up their mailbox to find something different. The letters dance across the envelope, foreshadowing a first dance. The fringed paper alludes to the lacy hem of a white dress walking down the aisle. It's an invitation—to toast, to dance, to eat expensive cake, to send you and your honey off in a fancy ride at the end of the night. Your wedding is a brand in itself, wether that's minimal and modern, sweet and simple, or wild and whimsical. 



This process is a collaboration between you and I. Right off the bat I want to hear about your wedding day and what excites you. What flowers are you using? Are you having a custom veil made? Will it be on a farm or in a warehouse? We can talk on the phone, email, or meet over coffee if you're local. I listen intently, ask questions and pull out the important details. Taking your vision into account,  I create and present a design completely customized for you—from the paper selection to the lettering to the color combinations—and from there we finalize your personal suite.  Our team works hard so you don't have to... we take care of the printing, assembly, postage and all of the details in between. If this sounds like a good time to you, I suggest you click that button over there! ☞